Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport provides pilots, especially those in training, a number of amenities. Our airport is a General Aviation field that features two runways; 14-32, a precision runway (ILS) that is 9001′ x 150′, and 5-23, a non-precision crosswind runway, that is 6819′ x 150′. The FAA controlled tower operates from 0600 – 2300 and is known for their friendliness toward student pilots. The most recent additions to the airport are a new FBO, Niss Aviation, and flight school, Avit Flight Academy. The FBO has already proven itself to place customer service as their highest priority and continues to add more to their services. Avit has several aircraft based at the airport with plans to add more. This combination makes Mansfield Lahm Airport a perfect place to train new and upcoming pilots.