Business Opportunities

Mansfield, Ohio consistently proves itself to be a hidden treasure in both the business and aviation industries. With a population just under 50,000, the city has a strong economic foundation but maintains plenty of room for additional growth and advancements. Supporting key industries from manufacturing to healthcare, the area has it all. Additionally, Mansfield and the surrounding areas have a plethora of land available for industrial and business development. Finally, Mansfield offers business owners a unique opportunity to expand their business in the area with the existence of the Mansfield Lahm Airport. If you are a business owner interested in expanding to an area with unique resources and opportunities, Mansfield, Ohio is the place for you.

Along with Mansfield’s locational benefits, there are other benefits for business that come along with expanding in our area. For example, tax breaks that come with the expenses incurred to produce additional income would relieve some of the burden taxes may bring upon your business yearly. Additionally, Richland County has an economic development team that will serve as a priceless resource for your business to grow in Mansfield and the surrounding areas. The Richland Community Development Group (RCDG) supports economic development throughout the Mansfield, Ohio and Richland County area and offers countless resources for you to create a strategic economic plan based on the specificities of the area.

In addition to the economic opportunities in the area, Mansfield also boasts countless community benefits that will allow it to become an enjoyable home for your employees. With rich history, community events, a wide array of restaurants and bars, and attractions for both nature lovers and those who prefer the city life, Mansfield has something for everyone.

Mansfield has been a community of doers and makers for generations. We have the resources for your business to be a part of the economic success in our community. With land available for growth and expansion, resources for any industry to succeed, the Richland Community Development Group, and an airport right here in our city for easy access by business owners and visitors, we have what your business needs to grow.